SELF Stands for Success through Empowerment, Learning and Facilitation. We were founded in November 2020 during the Novel Covid-19 Pandemic By Ashleigh Grey. Our Long term goal is to become a leading Human Resources Consultancy primarily on working with small to medium sized businesses to improve arms of their Human Resources functions surrounding but not limited to Staffing, Leadership development, Employee empowerment and engagement, performance management, Training and development as well as needs assessment and creative problem solving.

What to Expect in the near Future  

Given the Nature of SELF, We found it imperative to share Experiences, Knowledge, thoughts and Aspirations with our Clientele and Supporters as we grow into something permanent, revolutionary and motivational for those who we may reach via weekly Blogs. Weekly Blogs titled "Your weekly SELF" will be written from the perspective of our Founder and CEO, Ashleigh Grey. Feel Free to comment on our Blogs, Share, Like and provide suggestions as we grow together. 


Who is Ashleigh Grey? 

Ashleigh Grey is a young HR Professional who aspires to make strides within the industry by furthering her education and growing her network. At the tender age of 19, Ashleigh, with the support of her parents and family, relocated to Ontario Canada to pursue an Honours Bachelors Business Administration degree with a specialization in Human Resources Management at The Sheridan College institute of Technology and Advance learning. Whilst completing her 4 year degree, she acquired a certificate in Creativity and Creative problem solving, served as president of the international student Association, Cofounded the Caribbean students Association and was a 2 time recipient of the Guard-me International Student Academic Scholarship.   In January 2021, Ashleigh was recognized an ONYX Scholar. Prior to her recent Academic and social Achievements she Attended the Herbert Morrison Technical High School in Montego Bay Jamaica where she served as President of the School's Student Council for 3 years, Member of the disciplinary Board and Theatre Arts club member. She enjoys networking, motivating others, working in teams as well as contributing to individual growth and development as she believes it is a strong foundation for professional identity and development. Her Hobbies include Volunteering, Swimming, reading and socializing with her friends.


Her Myers Briggs type indicators are ENFP, This stands for Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiver. Some of Ashleigh's top skills include Public speaking, Communicating, Strategizing, Leading and Training. She has had the opportunity to hone and continues to work on developing these skills through education and her professional Experiences thus far.  She is a student of life who posses grit, open mindedness, emotional intelligence and zeal. 

"Some will Say that you 'Hung your basket too high'; But, Truth is, If you could hang it, that means it's still within your reach." - Ashleigh Grey